September 2023:

No contest this month.




October 2023 Contest and Halloween Playlist

I wanted to make a really quick post to notify everyone that our next contest will begin on September 23rd, 2023! This time we will be giving away a gift card of your choice, up to $60! Once it begins, the contest will end on October 28th, so watch out! Another thing...

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Adaptive Music Techniques in Games

In a game and film, music has an important role in explaining and emphasizing certain emotions in a scene or events that occur in the game. Music can add or take away pressure, create anticipation, depict happiness or sadness, and so on. In addition, music can also...

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Childhood Nostalgia! 7 PS2 Games With Memorable Music

In PS2 games, of course, there will always be soundtracks from these games that reminds us about the past memories. Because we often play PS2 games, some of the music that accompanies the game will automatically stick in our memories. Let's reminisce, here are songs...

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