Video Game Music by the OPO Orchestra

Recently there have been many huge events that the public has been treated to that have been related to video game music. Each time I read and write about another big event that the industry can boast about, a part of me feels giddy and joyous. Why? Because these...

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April 2022 Contest Winner

We have a winner of the April contest! It looks like Brian R. will be taking home the gift card for this month! Congrats! Next month we do not have any scheduled contests, but keep your eyes locked here on Gamepad Music for more events in the future!

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Video Game Music at Royal Albert Hall!

Video game music to those of us that appreciate it, has always been worthy of the best concert halls and locations that the earth has to offer. But, alas, it hasn't always been that way. In fact, I think that the lack of exposure that video game music gets tends to...

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